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Another Jimi Hendrix film?

JimiHendrix.jpgThere have been plenty of problems trying to get a Jimi Hendrix film off the ground, mainly because of one thing, the Experience Hendrix who control the rights to the Hendrix estate.

The estate is run by Hendrix's stepsister Janie Hendrix, and despite every film attempt, the rights have never been given. What you would hope is it's because every film so far hasn't managed to be true to Hendrix. So will this attempt?

Who knows. However Thomas Tull is the man who is producing the film and he's already been responsible for the film It Might Get Loud which featured such legendary names as Jimmy Page, the Edge, and, according to Variety, Jack White, hardly legendary. However it does put the producer on good stead for a Hendrix film.

Legendary is in talks to get the rights because how could you make a film about the great man without the rights to his music or his style, and that lies with the estate.

We'll have to wait and see if they get the rights to Jimi Hendrix and his music, because it would be amazing to see a film about the man, but there's a big question here, who would play him?

I think you have to ask someone who can play, and someone who can play well. Although Andre Benjamin has been asked before and he's a strong actor and performer, I can't see anyone but Lenny Kravitz fitting the bill, do you?



Duff Hendrickson in Seattle has a 16mm color film of Jimi Hendrix he made in 1970 on Maui. Same place as Rainbow Bridge, but with his own camera. He made it as a psychedelic underground art-film.

He shot it from one position in front of stage, camera on a tripod.

He may sell the film, or license it. Visual rights only. He does not own sound.

About 30 seconds of it 9 silent) was once licensed to BBC for 7500 dollars US.

Duff once said he was willing to sell his 15 minutes for 25,000_US.

Janie Hendrix doesn't want it because it's psychedelic. It was made on Kodachrome & Ektachrome 16mm. Duff still has the original cut camera film which could be remaster nicely to digital if scanned frame-by-frame. He also has the only 16mm release print.


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