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Assassination of a High School President gets DVD release

AssassinationofaHighSchoolPresident.jpg Assassination of a High School President was first seen at Sundance on the 17th of January 2008, that’s hard to believe, and so far it’s only seen two film festivals and a Russian television release, until now.

Finally the film, from the director Brett Simon and writers Tim Caplin and Kevin Jakubowski, will see the light of day on DVD. Well, in the US at least.

The news has arrived that people will finally be able to see Assassination of a High School President which stars Bruce Willis and Mischa Barton and was getting some really strong reviews from the two festival screenings it received, however after that it just died a death as a release seemed to be forgotten about, a release anywhere in the world.

The film is based in a Catholic high school where the SAT exams have been stolen and the local school newspaper reporter Bobby Funke is coerced into investigating the theft by the hottest girl at school, Francesca Facchini. During the investigation it seems that Principal Kirkpatrick is the one to blame, and when this is revealed and he gets taken down, Funke becomes a school hero. Except something seems to be amiss with the whole conspiracy and Funke finds it goes much deeper.

It looked very cool and was definitely something different in a sea of similarity, but financial issues hit the production, the company folded, and the film sat dormant. The obvious choice was to send it straight out on DVD and get those involved some returns, perhaps even profits if they were lucky. However that couldn't happen due to complex laws and rights of ownership.

However finally Sony have realised that there's some potential in the film and are releasing it in the US on the 6th of October 2009. From DVD Times the details are:

DVD $24.95 SRP and Blu-ray Disc $34.95 SRP extras include: Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary Filmmakers' Commentary Alternate Opening Scenes Deleted and Alternate Scenes

Who knows how long it will be before Assassination of a High School President is released in the UK or the rest of the world, actually who knows if it will at all. Better to try and get your hands on the US version if you can.



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