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Bad Boys 3 sequel

BadBoysII.jpgWhatchya gonna do? The sequel machine is rolling, and it's no surprise that a Bad Boys 3 sequel is in the works, after all the films were successful and brought in plenty of money and it stars the hugeness of Will Smith, why the hell not? Oh, and it's got a 3 in the title, and that could mean an extra dimension - 3D!

Bad Boys was the series that saw Will Smith and Martin Lawrence team up as cops who do things their way, usually with lots of expensive cars, big guns, and plenty of explosions, especially since Michael Bay was directing.

The news for the sequel is that nobody is signed up yet apart from a writer. The studio has hired the writer of Ben Affleck's upcoming film The Town, Peter Craig, who doesn't have any completed scripts to his name but has Southbound and Cartel in progress.

Southbound is a thriller with Matthew McConaughey - wait a minute, McConaughey in a thriller? What?! He's not playing a good looking romantic comedy lead? I think I fainted - which also stars Eva Mendes. It's about a border patrol office who is caught in the middle of a Mexican crime family and the U.S. Immigration Police when he gets involved with a woman. Well, there's something there for him to latch onto!

Cartel is another thriller that sees four guards set to protect a high profile attorney (lawyer) who is fighting an equally high profile mafia case. It's actually a remake of La Scorta.

So what's this guy doing tackling a Bad Boys script? Well it looks like it's going to be a thriller first and foremost, and then if they can get the director on board Michael Bay will add all those extra pages of explosions and shooting wildly. Probably in the process losing pages of character build up and tension building moments.

The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter through Total Film, and while the idea isn't that surprising, I do find it odd that they've hired a crime thriller writer and that no stars or director are signed up for it yet, not even the original producers.

One thing that they do point out, budget. This is going to be a big budget to get them all back together. However Reuters through Yahoo News points out that they have all agreed that if the script is right they'll return, hence the good scriptwriter.

Also there's something else to consider. Current Hollywood trend of the third film being in 3D - it's because of the number you see, a very deep psychological twist - would Bay possibly be convinced to do it? Would Will Smith say yes?



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