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Batman 3 IMAX only?

BatmanBegins_Poster.jpgWith such uncertainty around whether or not Christopher Nolan will be directing the third Batman film, I'm surprised that there's an indication out there that Batman 3 would be IMAX only, how would they know without a director?

Well for one thing the studio could have decided already and are just going to tell the director, if it does turn out to be Nolan (doh!), that this is what they have to deliver.

However if they do decide to go IMAX only they're seriously limiting their audience.

Of course where you are IMAX might be ten-a-penny, but here in Scotland there's only one, I believe that's the same for Ireland too, and looking at the list of IMAX venues in the world there are some audiences who are seriously limited too. Can the studio really consider an IMAX only release?

Personally I think they'd be mad to do so as they would lose out on tons of revenue, or they would have to encourage the IMAX cinemas to show extended runs of the film to encourage everyone who would travel to their local cinema to travel to their IMAX to see it.

In terms of the Scotland model though, I would say they'd lose out on a ton of revenue, and that's not an isolated model. Going to an IMAX cinema means a lot of travelling for a lot of people, and I can imagine many would not think the trip worthwhile and await its release on DVD and Blu-ray.

I can see a dual release for sure, but nothing less, can you? AICN through Total Film say that it's rather likely, I'm not so sure. How far is it to travel to your nearest IMAX? Would you make the trip for Batman 3?



It would have to be a dual release. Probably filmed in IMAX format and trimmed to fit ordinary cinemas. It would be commercial suicide otherwise.

Hopefully they will at the very least stay away from this awful 3D craze that's going around.

In my state i can only think of 3 imax theatres.

Are people supposed to drive like, 150 miles to see this movie or what?

I think someone should give the studio a list of the IMAX theatres available in each of the countries they're planning to release to. They'd think twice.

Sounds like there's not a lot of chance for an IMAX only.

Richard, I think the studio know this, genuinely, that's why I think it's a false rumour. I really can't believe in such an accountancy focused business as Hollywood that they would even consider doing this IMAX only release.

Gaz has it on the nose, an IMAX and general release version, perhaps advertising the fact that the whole version will be viewable on IMAX and the general release is inferior.

Say hello to the Blu-ray release.

I am happy to hear that Christopher Nolan will be directing the third Batman film. I am waiting for that file.

Thanks & Regards
Angelina Williams


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