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Beatles Yellow Submarine remake

YellowSubmarine.jpgSome projects just make you wonder why, more and more in Hollywood these days, and Robert Zemeckis directing a remake of the Beatles Yellow Submarine in 3D, motion capture, for Disney, is indeed one of those. I can see a lot of people wondering why, I certainly am.

At the moment the studio is fighting hard to try and get the rights to the music for the film, with all the Beatles classics being sought, so the project is still in the early stages, but the intention is clear.

The film is clearly a product of its time. With The Beatles at their most popular and a film that is clearly inspired by some rather mind altering substances, the story of a soldier who meets up with the Beatles and travels in a yellow submarine to a strange world called Pepperland and meet some strange characters including ones called the Blue Meanies, another references to something rather interesting in the real world.

How that can translate to the modern day I have no idea. Are the Beatles going to pick up a soldier from Afghanistan and head off to a world which is the figment of their imagination/drug induced state through, perhaps, morphine being administered in a field hospital, and watching their trip in a strange submarine?

The story from The Hollywood Reporter tells us little else, but it's surely just going to be an elongated music video, in 3D, and featuring the Beatles of course.

I think that's probably the most interesting aspect of this, because for once, motion capture can bring something new and rather clever to the film. Motion capture someone of the same height and build as John Lennon, and the rest of the band members, and digitally add their younger faces, and you have your motion captured Beatles.

Now that's superb, there's a great reason for the motion capture aspect, finally. However I still don't see what relevance Yellow Submarine has today, other than a really elongated music video.

What they are going to have to do is rework the entire story to make something relevant, follow other musicals that have taken a band's music and made a story around. Could what ABBA did with Mamma Mia! (Filmstalker review) happen with the Beatles, and would the fans even want that?



Yellow Submarine is essentially a kids film that is also enjoyed by many adults including myself and believe it or not The Queen. (It's said to be her favourite film!)

'Eleanor Rigby' and 'It's Only a Northern Song' are my favourite sequences.

It's very influential and even at the moment there's an advert on TV (forgot what for?) that's clearly been inspired by it.

I don't see what topical relevance has to do with it, I'd rather the film be timeless. It would be interesting to see what they could come up with visually, but I'd rather a sequel ('Octopus's Garden' perhaps?) using differen't Beatle Songs. I seem to recall there was once talk of this, though it was going to be called "Strawberry Fields Forever'.

(Note, the Beatles did not do their character's voices in the original film, though they made a brief appearance at the end.)


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