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Birth of the Beatles on filmn

BrianEpstein-Beatles.jpgThe life of Brian Epstein is set to be turned into a film as Tony Gittleson's script of the man has been acquired and is planned to move forward into development. However it's not going to focus on the Beatles themselves, even if it does come at a time when Beatles merchandise and music is being pushed once again, from Rock Band video game to the Yellow Submarine film.

The film will focus on the man who discovered the Beatles and managed them from 1961 to 1967 when he died of a drugs overdose, so not specifically on the Beatles.

However one of the producers, David Permut, has said through Variety that while the film is about Brian Epstein and not the band, they will be trying to secure the rights of some of the songs in order to use them in the film. He also talked a little about what Epstein went through in order to get The Beatles signed.

Epstein was selling records through his father's shop, which began selling furniture and moved onto kitchen appliances and musical instruments, and heard the band play at the Cavern Club. It was then that he began pursuing them a record deal.

"Everybody turned down the band, even though Brian promised they would become bigger than Elvis, and he finally got George Martin at EMI to change his mind and give them an audition."

His life will be an interesting side look at the birth of the Beatles, and will also have a little look at the band themselves, but it looks like it will go no further than that.

The question is, is the life of Brian Epstein really the story that general film audiences want to see, or is it more that they would want to see the story of the Beatles themselves?



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