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Bob Marley film loses director?

BobMarley.jpgThis is the second director that the Bob Marley biographical film has lost. The first time was down to scheduling conflicts when the might Martin Scorsese had to bow out, and it was Jonathan Demme who took his place.

Now the rumour is that he's left the production too, although the rumour here is slightly more negative than Scorsese's leaving.

According to the rumour Jonathan Demme has left the production of Marley after a disagreement with the producer Steve Bing who apparently, and bear in mind this is coming through some serious gossip sites, didn't like the footage that he'd seen to date.

Now I remember a story like this coming out about Stephen Sommers on the G.I. Joe film, and it was days later we discovered that he was still on the film and working away just fine. So bear that in mind, and also the fact that the story is on PageSix through WENN and IMDB.

The rumour has Demme quitting the production over the disagreement, although there's not confirmation for the story at all.

If there is an issue with the production though, no matter what it is, it could delay the film beyond Bob Marley's 65th birthday, had he not died of cancer at thirty-six.

I hope the story isn't true because it would be great to see a film about the legendary artist, however if it is they had better not rush Marley through just to catch the anniversary.



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