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Brewster's Millions remake

BrewstersMillions.jpgBrewster's Millions is set for a remake, although technically the Brewster's Millions you are probably thinking about is a remake itself, whether you're thinking of the 1985 or the 1945 version. You see there's also a 1935, 1921 and 1914 version with similar themed films such as Miss Brewster's Millions in 1926, and so on, with them all coming from the 1902 novel by George Barr McCutcheon.

It was first adapted for stage in 1906, but it was the 1985 version that most people remember and adore, the film starring Richard Pryor and John Candy which provides the most socially relevant story to our times to date, as well as giving plenty of laughs along the way.

I saw the Richard Pryor starring and Walter Hill directed version of Brewster's Millions just the other day on television and it didn't fail to deliver the fun and excitement as it did the first time I saw it, and it didn't seem any less grand with time.

The idea of remaking the story again may not be such a bad one, although I do question the timing as I resort to that annoying phrase used to explain everything these days, "current economic climate" might provide the writers a little difficulty in basing it in current times.

The original story of Brewster's Millions sees a man inherit US $1 million from a rich grandfather and then an even richer uncle dies leaving him US $7 million on the condition that he can spend that million within a year and not end up with any assets what so ever.

A great story with a great moral tale, and the 1985 version saw the monetary values increase and some radical changes to the characters and their purchases and dilemmas, but not to the core story and the lessons learned. I doubt that there will be a huge change in this new version.

However it could be told in an interesting way, especially considering the "current economic climate".

The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon tells us that Michael Diliberti and Matthew Sullivan are the writers who have been given the task after their speculative script called Comic Con, which follows two friends who form a group intent on pulling off a heist at Comic-Con that will save their beloved local comic store.

There's not much else on the story for now, but the idea that a new version of Brewster's Millions could work isn't that difficult to believe I don't think, and it's an interesting project for Hollywood to pick since we can't necessarily shout at them for remaking something considering it's already been remade a number of times, even the most beloved version.

However can anyone replace Richard Pryor, and what could the modern take on the story be?



Not really the best time to be putting the "None of the Above" storyline in front of Americans. We might just give that a shot the way things are going around here lately.

Yes, very apt. I wonder if they'll stick with that part of the script?

I'm surprised nobody has tried to spin that off as its own movie.


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