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Capitalism: A Love Story trailer online

MichaelMoore.jpgThe first real trailer with actual footage for Michael Moore's new film Capitalism: A Love Story has arrived online. It's not really earth shattering since it's Moore's same style as always, but it does have a couple of interesting sound bites to be had.

My biggest concern about this film is that he's going to belittle the complexities of this issue and make it seem that the answer was all too easy, or that the whole worldwide crisis is all at the feet of the American stock exchange and companies.

That's not the case, there's a global economy to consider and the answer isn't as simple as the trailer might suggest. I can't help but feel that what the film is trying to cover is just too much for a Michael Moore film.

However Capitalism: A Love Story does have his trademark humour and tongue in cheek aspect, and I love the shot of the guy talking on the phone to his wife saying he's being filmed by Michael Moore!

Have a look and see what you think. For me I'm really concerned about ver simplifying the issue and presenting the American issue as the global issue.

Here's the trailer through First Showing:



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