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Cliffhanger 2 being written

Cliffhanger.jpgWe heard back in May that there was going to be a remake of Cliffhanger, or a reboot, or whatever they want to call it, but little did we know that the writer of Monster Squad and RoboCop 3 was on the case, well apparently he is.

There's no other real detail about the film other than what we heard back in May, but with a screenwriter on board does it mean that the project is moving forward and we could see another Cliffhanger film.

Hold up though, Cliffhanger won't be Cliffhanger without any of the original leads to tie it in, otherwise it could be titled any number of the other climbing thrillers that were out around the same time, none of which leap to mind at the moment - anyone?

Still, they're working on it, and back in May we heard that they were heading towards a film that had younger climbers at multiple locations, rather than the single range we saw in the first film. However there's no indication of any original casting and it seems like they are definitely just taking the idea and remaking with a new, hip, team.

They could have a writer though, and through First Showing and JoBlo comes the news that Fred Dekker is writing the script now. He was talking at a screening of Monster Squad along with Shane Black and revealed that he was:

"I'm currently writing Cliffhanger 2."

Alex suggests that he might have said "Cliffhanger too" but there's no context in the quote to suggest that the word "too" would have any place, so I think we're safe to assume that he did mean he's writing Cliffhanger 2.

Although the title suggests a sequel, that's not the route the studio wanted, so I guess it's a complete reboot of a franchise that never was, nor I think was intended.

Still, I can't help but think this is a bit of a waste of time unless they have something to bring something from the original story forward, otherwise it's just another climbing thriller, this time with twenty year olds. Oh lord, please don't let them do something like the I Know What You Did films up a mountain.



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