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Craig joins Sheridan's Dream House

DanielCraig.jpgI continue to be surprised, in a very good way, just how well Daniel Craig is keeping his acting career diverse. Faced with the possibility of being struck by the Bond typecasting curse he's worked hard at keeping himself known as an actor who plays Bond, and not just as Bond.

He continues to take quite a wide variety of roles and today is no exception as we hear that he's signed up to Dream House, a psychological thriller which Jim Sheridan is set to direct from a David Loucka script, now that's a strong director to work for, and this role comes off the back of Craig's stage performance in A Steady Rain.

Daniel Craig is a very good actor, but he's been in danger of getting typecast with the mean, moody and emotionless Bond role. However he has had two things going for him. One is that the restart of Bond has done something very different, it's given Bond the emotional backing to allow Craig some great scenes that show more than the typical Bond film, although you could say that Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton and George Lazenby have all had this opportunity too.

Craig has also ensured that he's kept going for work other than that of emotionless, mean and moody men, particularly hard men, and gone after roles that keep his career CV with a lot more depth and width than the Bond actors before him.

He's been extremely successful with this and so we, the audience, see him as more than just the Bond actor. He's an actor that plays Bond.

He's not stopping this either, with the news that he's appearing on stage beside Hugh Jackman and now that he's acting for the successful and hugely respected Jim Sheridan showing this quite clearly.

The film is a psychological thriller that sees Craig playing a New York publishing executive who moves with his family to a small New England town and a new, lovely home. Not so lovely it would seem as he discovers that the house was previously the scene of a vicious murder.

There's not much more on what will happen next, but since it says psychological and not supernatural, we could probably rule out the Amityville type story. Either way it's another interesting role for Craig who is guaranteeing that long after his time with James Bond is over, he'll be picking out great roles and won't be pigeon-holed or typecast for anyone.



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