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Death Race prequel

DeathRace.jpgA lot recently Hollywood has been making me wonder what the hell it's up to and where they are getting some of their ideas. For a while it was obvious, hard cash returns, but now it's not so apparent. For instance what's the return going to be on the prequel to Death Race? Itself a prequel to an existing film?

With Death Race we found out how the concept of open street racing and killing began in the futuristic society, and now it's been decided that there's a big call for a prequel to that, so we can see how the race that began the Death Race itself began. What sense is there in that?

Well I can see what part of it that would make sense, recasting. It's easy to recast the actors and so they could recast them for less cost. Apart from that though, I'm stumped.

The news comes from ShockTillYouDrop through Total Film and tells us that the studio are looking into the idea of a prequel film, and that the origins of the death race in Paul W.S. Anderson's Death Race film being explored. Yet the death race in Anderson's film was itself an origin and explanation for the races we see in Death Race 2000, . Is there going to be any stopping this? A franchise in reverse?

Tony Giglio has been hired to write the screenplay from an idea of Paul W.S. Anderson's, and word is that he may also direct. Work on the film will continue after Resident Evil: Afterlife is complete where Giglio will be a second unit director.

However the story does reveal that it won't be looking so much at the origins of the race but at the origins of Frankenstein, the main character behind the race itself, the first one.

Well I guess there might be something in there to see, but I could see a remake of the original working, or a sequel even. Let's take the action to war torn countries and the race run by the rich behind a veil of keeping world populations down and them only killing those involved in their own war.

A prequel to the prequel though? An expose of the man behind the Frankenstein mask will just reveal a man who happens to be blood thirsty and a good driver. Is there a story there?



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