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Update 2: Disney buys Marvel

Disney.jpgDoes this mean the end of dark superheroes in the Marvel universe? Are they all going to be fluffy and good, and like the A-Team television series, no one's ever really going to die?

The deal means that Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, X-Men, etc. will be moving into the hands of the Disney banner, although it would seem that any existing deals for films will move forward as planned.

It seems that details of the deal are starting to get confirmed, and while The Hollywood Reporter has the deal outlined, SuperheroHype have the updates that all the films that are already signed deals will continue as per normal, it's only the new deals that will be affected.

So Iron Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 will definitely be all right, perhaps even X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2, and maybe Deadpool. However anything after that will be with Disney.

It's not clear exactly what will happen, but Disney will obviously produce and the word is that the want to be the sole distributors for all Marvel related films.

However, here's the other side of this deal which might mean something to you, Pixar. Think about Pixar getting involved and then imagine that Justice League of America Avengers film done by them, now there's a part of the idea that could work.

However the Iron Man films, with a real Tony Stark story, don't seem to fit quite right with a Disney studio to me. Spider-Man feels like it could, as does Captain America, but X-Men?

I don't know, I wonder if Disney have been done out of a lot of money in the deal which is worth US $4 billion. Are all these superhero films, the as yet unsigned ones remember, worth all that money?

Plus, are you convinced that we will see Marvel superhero films in their intended light, or are we going to see them all Disney-fied, lightened up and simplified?

Update: Here's an interesting point that Variety reminded me of, what of the financially troubled Spider-Man musical? Alan Cummings pointed out on British television that the production was on hold for serious financial difficulties, but that he still expected to play the Green Goblin, but what does the Disney deal mean for that?

Well not much apparently. The deal, according to the article doesn't mean anything for the production and there's not anything in the contract saying that Disney will save the production.

That said the Lion King had a fair run on the stage, so perhaps there's the feeling that this production could be the next one to fill the gap for Disney. Maybe they will invest something and save the day. Then again, I can't see anyone being interested in a musical of the superhero, so maybe they'll have the sense to let it go.

Update: Here's another update from the story on the Fantastic Four reboot I wrote earlier. Variety tells us that 20th Century Fox controls both the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Daredevil and Silver Surfer properties as long as they keep making films. So X-Men could stay they way they are, Fantastic Four could get better (let's face it the last one smelled like a Disney production anyway) and if Silver Surfer keeps going they'll all be with Fox still. As for Daredevil, I think they'd happily let that slip to Disney.

Here's a tip for Disney, get hold of Daredevil and make a completely hard version of Daredevil: Born Again, giving the character the chance to leave behind the Daredevil we knew from the first film and come out as a darker, harder, Daredevil we all wanted.

However this means we'll definitely see more X-Men from Fox, but perhaps the rest will fall back to Disney to make? That, I think, would be good news for Fantastic Four, but not for Daredevil. With X-Men it means we're likely to see Deadpool and Gambit appear, more Wolverine, Magneto's beginnings, and more.



I hope the move between the 2 giant industry will benefit not only Marvel's future but also Disney's films.

Can't wait to see them work together in one project

Avengers and the seven drawfs :)

Well, let's get right down to it. This is the most shocking, out of the blue news I could have read. I think it sucks big time. I do not think on the face of it, that the true nature of characters, such as Wolverine and Daredevil ( read the comics pls ) will ever be done right again.

On the other hand, didn't disney distribute Mirimax films there for a while? I remember when Kids came out there was an uproar but no one did anything. So maybe disney is just despairate and money hungry and willing to distribute Marvel's true vision in order to get a piece of the pie...or have the pie to themselves. whatever.

But sorry to correct you. D.C. comics owns Justice League, not Marvel. So Pixar can't touch them anyway. Marvel includes the Hulk, Spidey, Fantastic Four, the Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, etc. Some of these would benefit, some would be terribly shaken.

Oh well. The world keeps spinning. But just for the record, i hate disney.

I'm imagining a new Punisher movie...but instead of bullets he shoots flowers out of teacups. And he has a young sidekick voiced by Eddie Murphy and an asian stereotype female lead.

his outfit would be pink.
instead of a skull, it would be a rainbow.

and he'd save orphans.

god help us.

No. You're right Mogulus, it's the Avengers I meant, not Justice League. I don't mind being corrected when it's not done dripping with sarcasm and vile from someone who just sits there waiting to comment on a mistake!

I too can imagine the worst for some of these heroes. Then again, maybe they'll leave them operating under the Marvel arm and keep them bad ass.

I don't really believe that though. Your Punisher example is spot on with my fears.


Don't you mean Spiderman 4? ;-)

Dammit! I'm all over the place. Well caught, another mistake. Geez, this isn't going well is it?!

I could argue that there is no real Spider-Man 3, but you're right, I made another mistake!

Actually one of the reasons I'm trying to do less straight up dull news, so I can concentrate more on the more interesting stuff, and concentrate on not making mistakes!

Sarcasm, heck yeah. But I didn't know i was skilled in the art enough to spew vile. Sorry if you got a bit of it on you. I was trying to hold back :)

Honestly, we know what you're talking about. The fact that i corrected you kinda makes me the nerd here.

So many of the characters in mind are dark heroes. Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Punisher, etc. I just cringe when I think marvel could give up any kind of executive control with them.

BUT I will say, after thinking about it for a while, Marvel has been kinda kidifying everything lately. I quit buying comics about 15 years ago after amassing an awesome ( in my mind ) collection. I noticed that in the '80s, comcis dealt with very adult storytelling while in the 90's it was more about tits, arses and b-movie plotlines.

Comics are an awesome medium in which anything can happen. But in my opinion i think it was better when the big houses were doing things a bit differently and movie studios hadn't quite discovered the money to be made yet. I'm mainly afraid Disney being involved may prove to throw the lever all the way over, so to speak.

Mogulus, that comment wasn't meant at you, it's the lurkers and trolls that just leap on to attack when I make a mistake, I hate that. Don't mind it when it comes from a real reader.

well all this said, i am afraid of the worse but LOST , the TV series was made by disney, and unless the owners of disney have just smoked a bag of meth they should keep marvel going as its going and leave the people who run marvel keep on doing so


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