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Earth vs. Moon science fiction film

EarthvsMoon.jpgThe writers of Zombieland and the script for the solo Venom film have sold a speculative idea to Universal that sounds quite exciting. Original pitched as a video game it's now set to be a film called Earth vs. Moon.

The premise is that in the future humans have colonised the Earth, and it seems as though the two different worlds of humans have become very different people, so much so that relations have turned sour and war has broken out.

The idea comes from Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick with Wernick describing the story of Earth vs. Moon as:

”...hardcore, 300-style movie with some comic relief to it, but about the Earth and a colony on the moon essentially in a civil war.”

Sounds like it could offer something a little different, even if I am convinced I've seen the title as an iApp.

FirstShowing have the details of the story, or as much as the writers are willing to give out about it:

”It's about two societies at war, but it's also about a family, not at war, but a fractured family. Half of them have gone to the moon and the other half are still on Earth and so they are on opposite sides of this conflict and we wanted to make sure that as big of movie as it's going to be, it works on a small level. It works on a personal level, the way we like to think about Zombieland working. It's just this huge post-apocalyptic landscape, but we really want it to work on an interpersonal level for just a few people who are the stars.”

Apparently they think it's either a huge budget spectacular or it's not going to get made. Well if you think about the idea and that title, it does sound very grand. Still, I've seen films with such a grand scale made for very little by focussing on the smaller stories within the grand idea.

It's gone quite far though and the two writers have a lot of hope for it. They're on the second draft and they've named the lead character Will hoping for Will Smith to take the lead.

I'm not sure what sort of effect that has just had on the concept for me. Still, despite the ready made casting, the whole idea sounds a good concept. Two separate colonies of humans fighting against each other because of years of divide and separate living, and perhaps even evolution.

However if they're taking huge action science fiction film with Will Smith in the lead I doubt they're thinking that deeply of the idea...are they?



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