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Fame International trailer online

Fame.jpgThere's a new international trailer online for the remake of Fame, and by international we mean all English speaking non-US audiences.

The trailer gives us a little more story, concentrating a bit more on one of the characters and giving us more of the Fame feel, including that hugely over-engineered vocal lead track.

I can't help but think, although it is very indicative of music nowadays, that the first time we heard that Fame song it was sung very naturally by real talent, now it's sung by a voice that's so obviously been through a mixing desk and numerous effects, something we've heard time and time again happen to singers voices only for them to turn out not to be able to sing in real life!

Well, indicative of our time indeed. However the trailer does look pretty snazzy and has managed to get me interested in watching Fame again, and there's a little more of Debbie Allen returning from the original.

See what it does for you. This trailer comes through The Sun.

You can still see the first two trailers right here, and again here on Filmstalker.



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