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Fish Tank trailer online

FishTank.jpgThe trailer for Andrea Arnold's Fish Tank is online, and it's looking pretty powerful stuff, and the even better news is that for once in this world of film releases, the UK will get to see the film before it's put on general release anywhere else.

The film comes from Andrea Arnold, the award winning writer/director who previously brought us the excellent Red Road. This film looks set to raise the bar even more.

Fish Tank follows fifteen year old Mia, trapped on a council estate and struggling with life. She's excluded from school and is in continual trouble, even with her friends who have now deserted her. When her Mum brings home her new boyfriend who promises to change things for the better for them all.

Andrea Arnold's film showed at the Edinburgh International Film Festival this year to much acclaim, and there was so much anticipation that the screening was completely packed. Now we're all getting a chance to see it and I'm hoping that it receives the same critical acclaim that Red Road did.

The trailer for Fish Tank comes through InContention and RowThree:



I have a 55 gal fish tank. Wondering if anybody had any cool looking/acting fresh water fish?


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