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Filmstalker-BCard-Web-Small.pngWant to keep right up to date with Filmstalker? Have a strong film community search, Filmstalker updates from the site and twitter accounts straight to hand including news of latest free cinema outings and cheep Blu-rays, join other Filmstalker readers in our own chat room, as well as add other features as you like including a privacy filter, then you should have a look at the Filmstalker toolbar.

There's tons of features on it, and plenty more to come, and it's so easy to upgrade should there be more features. Plus it's free.


What more could you possibly want?

So far the browser gives you the following features:

Google Search Filmstalker Search Filmstalker Film Community Search Search for Dictionary, Images, Toolbar addons, etc. Latest Filmstalker Articles Latest Filmstalker Reviews Access all the main Filmstalker pages directly Read the latest tweets from Filmstalker and Filmstalkers Chat with other Filmstalker readers

...and there will be more to come. If you fancy it I can throw in features like a mail checker, privacy filter, and many more, you can even add your own in there. We'll see what the uptake is before I dive in with extra features.

To get your hands on the toolbar and try it out, don't worry there's nothing tied into it other than the toolbar itself, then just head here and install the toolbar for Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.

Let me know what you think of it.



Won't be using it personally. I prefer using standard solutions (rss etc.) to get all my content from all my sites in the same way, rather than each site having their own method. Open Standards are something I value much more than closed.

Also, since screen real estate is important to me, I run with as few toolbars or addins as possible.

Finally, there is no such thing as a free lunch, so someone somewhere benefits financially if I use that toolbar, but not me.

Well that's cool, I've always provided feeds since the site started so you'll be happy. Instead of being one of those sites that provides their own method of providing their content, you'll be delighted that I've always employed multiple and tried new methods to suit new people as they've come along.

Someone always benefits financially for everything, that's how services get paid for to ensure they get made and delivered to you. You realise that coming here and commenting meant Filmstalker got paid enough to ensure the hosting was paid for to enable it to keep going. It's sometimes not a negative thing, and almost always a necessity.

However it's worth pointing out to others that there is no advertising on the banner other than the Filmstalker logo and feeds, which is the purpose of it in the first place.

I have installed it even before this article and loving it Richard, so thanks!

I am waiting for people to be online at the same time so I can try the chat feature. ;)


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