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Halloween 3D but no Zombie

Halloween_Poster.jpgThis is surprising. While Rob Zombie has agreed to do a sequel to his remake of Halloween, the studio is hard at work trying to get a third Halloween on the go, why? Well because they can add that “D” on the end of the title and give it an extra dimension – Halloween 3D. Capitalise on the craze.

The word is that the Weinstein's, who are desperate for some big hits, are looking to exploit the 3D craze at the moment and get another film straight into production. However, there's going to be a change of director.

Rob Zombie won't be returning for the third film the Weinstein's have said, he's moving onto his “science fiction film not horror film” The Blob, so they are having to look for a new director at the same time as the new film.

I frankly can't blame the guy, who would want to direct a 3D slasher film remake/sequel? Loads of directors actually, especially for the Weinstein's.

The L.A. Times through comes up with some interesting statistics though for 3D films, showing quite clearly that the 3D version of the 2D release earns a fair bit more than the original. Mind you they are using films such as the My Bloody Valentine remake, a film no one would really want to see unless it was in 3D, as that's the only pulling in factor, and the statistics for The Final Destination say “...at least one 3D screen earned...”, well, not exactly definitive.

Still, if the film is built around 3D then it becomes a little event film for that weekend, and the style in Hollywood is only to care about opening weekend returns, so if there's nothing else on, it'll pull people in. I guess. Exploit and squeeze.



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