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Hancock 2 moving forward

Hancock.jpgWriters have been hired for the sequel to Hancock, imaginatively called Hancock 2, so the words of Peter Berg a few days ago and of Will Smith in December of last year are spot on the money. There will be a Hancock sequel.

I'm really not so sure that there should be, and that was something echoed in the comments. I don't think there should be because the Hancock we knew, the allure of the messed up drunken superhero, is gone. Are we now just seeing another superhero film? Or is he going to go through rehab again?

Right now we don't know. According to the story in The Hollywood Reporter there's no word on the script or what the story will be. We've just heard that Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara, writers for a number of episodes on The Shield, are set to write the script and the original production team are to return.

It does give some serious hints though that both Will Smith and Peter Berg will be back in their respective roles, we know they'll be returning as producers, but there are some strong suggestions they'll be back to lead and direct respectively.

There's also the suggestion that this film will explore more of the world hinted at in the first film, and that means more about the immortals. For me that seems the best bet as making Hancock turn back to drink would be the obvious Hollywood choice, but that does seem a very cheap one.

Most likely we'll find out that the two immortal characters are not the only ones left on the planet, and if Charlize Theron returns then we'll see a storyline that has her threatened by another immortal so that Hancock exposes himself and the remaining one can kill them both, just to be the only one left. Something like that sounds like the easy option forward.

Let's hope they don't chose the easy option though.

I don't know about you but I actually liked Hancock. I thought it was a good film that did some positive things with the superhero genre and pulled together both darkness and comedy rather well, and Will Smith was pretty good in it too. I'd be happy to see another one, done right of course.



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