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Hancock 2 potential

Hancock.jpgPeter Berg has been talking about a potential sequel to Hancock, however it does sound as though it's one of those final questions in a lengthy interview about something else when he's asked “what would you do for another Hancock film?”, and draws something vague out of a hat.

Still, it's something, and for the fans of Hancock, of which I count myself as one, it's got to be a good thing hasn't it?

Well you'll remember where the previous film left the lead characters, in an entirely different place to where they started. Indeed Hancock was no longer a drinking, self-loathing bum with powers who caused no end of damage when people asked him to help, he was a fully fledged superhero, genuinely trying to do the right thing and stay on the straight and narrow.

So the Hancock we know from the start of the film is no more. Although he's still faced with the same issues of isolation and loneliness from the first film, and you could argue that the loneliness has a greater impact since he now has something and someone to focus that on, he's not the wreck that he started the film as.

With that the part that made the film so attractive for me has gone. It wasn't the big action sequences or anything like that, it was the self-realisation of the character, his journey to be good, and the connection with someone else that made it so good.

What would a new film bring that could match or better that? Well Peter Berg has some seemingly off the cuff suggestions when he says, through SciFi Wire, that he thinks he has an answer.

Now before I reveal what he said I have to tell you that if you have not seen Hancock this will be a big spoiler. It will reveal the big twist and reveal of the film, and if you haven't already seen or heard about it then this is going to be a spoiler indeed.

So turn away now if you don't want to know.

Here's what Peter Berg said about his idea for a second Hancock:

”There might be another god out there...Might be another one.”

That's it. As I often say it's simply grabbing the Hollywood adage of the moment, “more” and “bigger”. Not a good idea.

Of course then he reveals that they've still to write it, and that means writers, and that means that this idea might be out the window...or judging by what Hollywood does these days I don't think it would be, I think this might be the very direction they go in.

That or the other god discovers the female one and goes after her with a plan to take her powers or some such and that's when Hancock returns. Bravo.

No, Hancock was a stand alone film and it's far better that he's left that way rather than turned into a typical superhero don't you think?

The good news is that it's a long way off as Berg reveals that they would love to fast track the film but both he and Smith are far too busy right now.

”We're excited to do one, but we want the script to be right and the movie to be right. We don't feel a burning imperative to go right back into it.”

Well let's hope you really do wait until the idea is right, or they just don't do one, and that comes from someone who liked the first film.



I personaly think that a Hancock II would be a grave error. It ended rightfully, and I don't think that raising a new dog should be a question. Just let Hancock alone, let the fans fantasize on there one-to-one basis. A remake, or sequel would be a mistake.

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