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Hasbro update on Scott's Monopoly

Monopoly.jpgI still find it hard to believe that some of the Hasbro properties are making it to the cinema, but they are, and Brian Goldner, the CEO of Hasbro was on hand at the G.I. Joe red carpet event to reveal all.

Well when I say reveal all, he just gave an update on some of the major projects including Stretch Armstrong, Candy Land, Ridley Scott's Monopoly and Battleship.

You'll remember that there's been a spate of news of films being made from all manner of game based products, and since then not much else. There was, of course, the earth shattering news that Ridley Scott was set to direct Monopoly and I think that just stunned us all into silence.

Well now Brian Goldner, the CEO of Hasbro, has been talking about the state of the various projects through Collider and Latino Review, and I have to say I'm rather surprised at just how far Scott is into this idea.

"Monopoly has this wonderful history. If you'll remember, "Monopoly" was literally invented at The [Great] Depression, so that idea, this fiction that's really there, this non-fiction fiction that's really there in the game and in the fact that there's such great roots to this brand and the history of the brand, we bring this to life with a story about families...

...Ridley did have an idea. He grew up on "Monopoly" over in the UK and "Monopoly" is a brand that's all over the world. But for Ridley, he's always been a guy that's created these great big worlds and so for us, "Monopoly" is this great big world that will look like our world but of course there are certain things about it that make it uniquely a "Monopoly" kind-of-world."

Now that's rather interesting if you think about it a little, it's suggesting that we'll be seeing a whole other world, perhaps one that is actually run through the Monopoly board? Who knows, some kind of futuristic society under its control?

Right now he won't say much more about the other projects, although he does hint that the Battleship idea is phenomenal and that it's everything you could imagine in such a film. I'm thinking that were talking virtual or remote controlled fleets that are controlled and destroying much like the game, but the turn based idea just wouldn't work!

He's excited about Candy Land being just like Jumanji by all accounts, and Stretch Armstrong being the solo version of the lead of the Fantastic Four, stretching around for fun and frolics.

For me I've only had my interest piqued on the Monopoly game. What about you? Is there something else exciting in there that you've found or is it pretty dull otherwise? Trying to squeeze and idea out of nothing?

Of course there's the other way to look at it, this might be strangely freeing for the creatives and take them away from the usual tied down story lines of an adaptation (of sorts).



How about Danny DeVito as a Weeble Wobble? A new kind of Superhero that just won't fall down!


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