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Imaginative My Super Psycho Sweet 16 film

SuperSweet16.jpgYou think that remakes and sequels/prequels are bad, well this doesn't get much worse. Take the usual formula of teenagers and serial killers and apply to a tacky reality show that's been making money for the production company already and you have a great idea for your new film, My Super Psycho Sweet 16.

MTV has had the incredible idea to mix their reality show of pampered teenagers excessive parties with the teenagers getting killed by a serial killer, and idea that some might love, the overly rich, pampered and reality-blind being murdered.

I don't like the idea much, not just because of the tie-in with the existing series of My Super Sweet 16, but with the fact that it's just more of the same, especially from the MTV camp, and the Senior Vice President of MTV, Chris Linn, through The Hollywood Reporter explains why:

”Horror is a genre that's really popular in our audience, so this is a great opportunity to play in that space”

Well it's all about the marketing, and that's apparent from their other deal tying in a dance film with their dancing reality show.

My Super Psycho Sweet 16 is apparently, according to the marketing, pretty graphic but will be cut down for the television release although released online as download version which will be fully uncut. Another great marketing move.



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