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Inception details start leaking out

Inception.jpgA couple of sites have started leaking some information about the upcoming film from Christopher Nolan, Inception. You'll remember we saw that strange trailer just the other day which left more questions and answers, in fact it had no answers at all, but now details seem to be leaking out through call sheets and “sources” to reveal the plot of the film.

There are holes in though, and some of it could be misdirection, some of it could be real, but the main premise certainly sounds interesting enough and plausible considering the tag line and the trailer.

So if you don't want to know anything I'd suggest you walk away now. These may be false, but if they are real then you may find the experience of the film ruined. Christopher Nolan doesn't like to give away anything about his films, so if this is true then you're getting a big insight into Inception that the man would not want you to see, and you might regret it after seeing the film.

Personally I don't think this is that much, it seems like a rather large blurb for the film, but it does give away one or two seemingly major plot points.

Right, if you're still here, then we shall begin.

We already saw the trailer for the film which looked rather strange and definitely full of questions, to be honest no answers at all, and a blistering audio track that really did scream thriller with some serious consequences.

Now we hear some details and the commonality seems to be this. The whole idea of the crime in the mind is about a drug that gets injected into people allowing someone to go into their mind and become a manipulator of their dreams. Leonardo DiCaprio is such a character who goes into peoples minds and removes information that he then uses for his own ends.

Looking at the timeline on my feeds the sources are mixed and have their own details, so in order of feed time I pulled together the story from The Playlist, Cinema Blend and /Film who all quote a site called InContention who allegedly read the script. They also mention some other sources including ScriptShadow who had an April Fool's joke script review that seems to throw some doubt on all of this. However the InContention story is the source of it all.

DiCaprio plays Jacob Hastley, a “CEO-type” who uses the dream manipulation to his company's benefit. His team is made up of Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy, They are responsible for injecting the people and engineering their dreams.

Cillian Murphy is supposed to be playing another business man called Fischer who is about to head up a new company and DiCaprio's team are trying to manipulate his dreams and make him split up the company.

Now, the real meat of the story is that DiCaprio's character and his wife, played by Marion Collitard, are caught in a dream where something terrible happens causing him to have to go on the run in the real world.

Although there are tons of details in there, there's also a lot more confusion and questions, however I think that sounds a very unique and intriguing plot, although I do keep thinking of the Matrix and some of the finer points of the interactions between worlds.

Now this all might be complete rubbish, it may not, but I'm certainly even more intrigued by it all. There are more details over at the InContention site if you would like, but I imagine they won't be there for long.



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