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Iron Man 2 Comic-Con extended trailer online

IronManArmour.jpgThere's another leaked trailer from Comic-Con this weekend, and that's for Iron Man 2. This is much more than a straight up trailer though because there's over five minutes of footage in there.

The trailer shows us Iron Man/Tony Stark, Black Widow, Justin Hammer, Nick Fury, Pepper Potts, the new Colonel Rhodes, War Machine, and some awesome Whiplash action.

The footage opens with Tony Stark meeting Nick Fury, then we're into some Senate hearing action where Tony Stark is being put through the ringer and, rather flatly, announces that he's Iron Man. In walks Colonel Rhodes and it looks like Stark is being set-up for a mighty fall.

Then we're into Whiplash territory and some great action peppered with a few shots of Black Widow, and again we wait until the end to see some flying action and some hugely mighty fire-power. All in all it's looking rather delicious, even if it is handheld from a viewer at Comic-Con.

We really have to see this Iron Man 2 trailer in high-definition as soon as possible, because it looks like it could be utterly amazing. This sequel could blow the previous out of the water.



I only recently watched Iron Man for the first time and really enjoyed it. This one looks to please fans of that first film and beyond. Exciting.


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