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Japanese Astro Boy trailer online

AstroBoy.jpgThere's a Japanese trailer online for Astro Boy, and while there are no subtitles, combined with the original trailer you can easily follow the story.

What's good about this one is that it pays more attention to the story and the main relationship between the scientist and the boy, it actually looks more emotional than most straight up films.

I really like this trailer for Astro Boy and would love to see it in English too, but then the studio won't be wanting to sell an emotional trailer like this to western audiences, they need to make it bright, bold, fast cut and full of as many action sequences as possible, to hell with the story.

You'll remember that the film tells the story of a scientist who loses his own son and decides to build a robot to replace him, making him much more powerful than expected. As he becomes known to the world the military want to capture him and use him for a weapon, but the scientist won't let that happen, and it's only when Earth is put in danger that the world begin to realise how important he really is.

Here's the new Japanese trailer through Twitch.



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