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Johannson wants more Iron Man

ScarlettJohansson.jpgScarlett Johansson has revealed that she'd love her character in Iron Man II to be seen again and to be part of The Avengers film, and it sounds like she wants to play a big part in the future of Black Widow.

When asked about the part she plays in Iron Man II, the Russian spy Natasha Romanoff who is also known by her alter ego Black Widow, she revealed that she wanted her character to continue.

In Iron Man II Scarlett Johansson's character Black Widow is not only seen as part of the Iron Man series but also as part of The Avengers series, a story that's going to come to the big screen with Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Nick Fury.

Speaking over at IOL through ComicBookMovie Johansson said:

”She has many different incarnations and different storylines so I'm hoping she will be able to continue in that way. I'm hoping that if the fans like the character and support the character, we'll see her again...

...hope I get to come back and do it again. The character certainly comes back. We see that she does in the comics and certainly she is a big part of The Avengers. I don't know if that is where it's going to go but she is definitely a big part of The Avengers.”

Well she's keen, and it sounds like she wants to keep the character going, although she's playing it keen and saying that the character should keep going and not pushing it too much, she does say she hopes she gets to come back to the character for The Avengers.

Well I'm not sure I'm that excited by the idea, or that disappointed, it's just the way it is and I'd much prefer to hear about the other, bigger names in the line up for Avengers, wouldn't you?



god is she or isn't she just the hottest thing on two legs?

I just want to eat her up. innaproprietly. She tends to handle herself wonderfully as well. I do not remember ever questioning her logic or her integrity at all.

I found a shot of her in the black widdow costume, and i must say i think it forced my computer to re-boot. It was just too hot for my cpu.

Aww, I could make all manner of innuendos with computer terminology, but that would be sad...I'll just think them instead!


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