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John Hughes documentary gets distribution

JohnHughes.jpgJohn Hughes was a bit of a Hollywood recluse after he stopped directing, although he kept writing and producing, that wasn't what he was all about. However his fans, of which there were and are many, have never forgotten about him, and that's true of two film-makers who went out to make a documentary called Don't You Forget About Me.

With no money and no deal to even meet with Hughes, they set out to make a documentary about the man behind some of the greatest films of the eighties, and films that still have a huge impact to this day.

Matt Austin-Sadowski made the documentary with no money, interviewed stars from John Hughes most famous films, and then set off in search of the great man himself, driving to Illinois in order to find his farm and get some time with him.

”He inspired me as a person, going through an awkward adolescence, as many people do...He took affairs of the heart very seriously, and no other director gave teenagers that sort of treatment at that time.”

The article in Variety doesn't tell us if he managed to get that interview with the man himself, but I suspect he did since the article says the director with no distributor for his documentary was emailed on Friday morning asking for an interview by CNN, and by noon of that day the rights had been sold.

Bitter sweet indeed, but if the interview is there then it'll be well worth watching.

What we do know is that some of the stars of his films agreed to be interviewed for the documentary, however Molly Ringwald refused to take part, something that is a little sad considering, but then you can imagine the requests she gets, and from a film-maker with no money behind his film and no distribution?

Still, Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson, Mia Sara, Kelly LeBrock and Andrew McCarthy all took part, and we'll have to wait and see if Hughes himself did.



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