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Kick-Ass Comic-Con trailer online

Kick-Ass.jpgOver the weekend the trailer from Comic-Con for the much anticipated adaptation of Mark Millar's comic book Kick-Ass by Matthew Vaughn has appeared online, and while it's filmed from the video screen, handheld, and filled with an echo, it does look good.

Couple this with the clips that we've already seen released and you might be thinking that we're in for one hell of a ride, and I think you're right.

The story sees some high school students decide to become superheroes, okay they have no superpowers or training, but has to start somewhere, and it looks like he's not alone either.

It looks a great film already, and the previous clips are filled with humour, action, and at the same time some very serious dramatic moments. Jane Goldman adapted Mark Millar's comic book and Matthew Vaughn has brought it to life before our eyes, and it looks like he's done it.

Added to the previously released four clips we get to see the bootlegged trailer from Comic-Con, and since it may not be there for long and this will probably earn me a black mark while many sites are refusing to carry it (technically I'm not hosting it), I'm all about the film. I'm a fan, why wouldn't I? I'm lapping this stuff up, and I think so will you be.

Here's the Kick-Ass trailer, roll on a high-definition version, oh and I think this will most definitely be a red-band version.



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