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Law Abiding Citizen trailer online

LawAbidingCitizen.jpgGerard Butler really does kick some ass in this first trailer for Law Abiding Citizen, don't Scottish guys play bad guys so well. Especially naked bad guys surrendering themselves to the police. Yes ladies, there's some Butler body on display!

They've done a good job with the trailer too, not revealed too much, although I wish they had kept the reveal of his day job for the film itself, still, it's not that much of a biggie.

Law Abiding Citizen looks like it could be a powerful film. It tells the story of a man played by Gerard Butler whose house is invaded one night. He's tied up while his wife and daughter are murdered.

Come time for the court case though there are a few complications, and in order to get the death penalty for one of them the other has to go free. The deal is made, the law system and those behind it are happy.

The father and husband is not. He has revenge in his heart and he has the means to do it. So he ensures the execution is messy and grabs the second man to enact his own revenge, that's when the police arrest him.

However it's not over. People involved in the deal are being murdered one by one and the lawyer who brokered the deal, played by Jamie Foxx, is in line too.

The trailer looks slick, exciting, and above all Butler looks like a man set out on revenge, except he doesn't look crazy insane, just focused and controlled, a perfect bad guy.

There's a good cast behind the too, and the story comes from Kurt Wimmer, who can write strong scripts it's just the directing of them that goes a bit awry, and is directed by F. Gary Gary, a man who has a few action and thriller type films under his belt, the one I always remember the best is The Negotiator.

You can see the trailer for Law Abiding Citizen over at Apple Trailers [P:S:M:L:480p:720p:1080p] or you can catch it right here.



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