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Legion new trailer online

Legion.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Legion, not red band like the previous one, but a new trailer none the less.

The previous Legion trailer had some real issues. Some oddly comic moments, ill placed musical choices, and a little bit of over dramatic moments. However overall the idea, the actors and the story looked very exciting and interesting.

I have to say although there's much more in the red band trailer, this one is much better in terms of storytelling and music. Gone is the John Carpenter-esque score over the top of the old woman in the diner scene, and gone are some of the more cheesy moments.

What we get in its place is a strong, well cut and well scored trailer that makes the film look a ton better than the red band trailer did. In fact it looks a little creepier in places too.

You can see the new Legion trailer over at RowThree who have grabbed hold of the Quicktime trailer. Head over and see what you think. I'm thinking this one is much, much better.



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