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Legion red band trailer online

Legion.jpgThe trailer for Legion has arrived online and it's a roller-coaster of a trailer. I mean that because it has huge highs and huge lows, and one of the highs is the excellent idea behind it.

Modern day and God has become tired of humans and so he's decided to wipe them all out. The angels are coming to exterminate every last one of us, except there's hope, there's an unborn child that could save us all, but the angels are after it too and only the angel Michael is set to stand up for us and protect the child.

The angel Michael is played by Paul Bettany, and alongside him he has a strong cast. Kevin Durand plays the angel Gabriel while the earthly characters are played by Dennis Quaid, Kate Walsh, Tyrese Gibson, Lucas Black, Charles S. Dutton, and more.

It's a great idea and for the most part it looks superb fun, angels wielding guns and laying waste to the possessed Legion of humans around them? Bring it on, but the trailer has some really poor points too.

I'll flirt over the usual fact that it's showing us way too much of the film, a character death, and what would seem like some of the bigger ending sequences of the film.

Although the Legion trailer opens well with a Terminator-esque arrival of one of the Legion, hello Doug Jones, the mumbled, uninterested and rushed introduction from the woman is very dull, and ending it with:

”...I guess he just got tired of all the bullshit.”

Is just trying to be too offhand and clever. What they should have done is gone for the apocalyptic end of the world introduction from voice over man, now that would have suited it more. Not a Terminator-esque (again) voice over from the female lead that sounds all too comic.

However when Bettany kicks in and starts shooting, I'm sold. Then give me more of that possessed old woman, but what is it with the John Carpenter soundtrack that makes me feel like I'm in They Live?

As I said, good and bad. Here's the trailer for Legion, see what you think of angel “Rambo” Michael.



Way to fucking spoil the movie, 5 minute trailer. Looks like Quaid explodes....

I think it's actually Lucas Black if you really want the spoiler, although that's much less of a story impact than Quaid.

The racks of guns followed by the shaky head cop at the start gave me Matrix deja vu.

I hate spoilers in trailers! Is it 5 minutes long because they are worried no one will want to see it? I thought it looked good and the possessed old lady freaked me out!

When is it coming out, its not going to be direct to dvd is it?


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