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Mamet remakes Diary of Anne Frank

TheDiaryofAnneFrank.jpgA new version of The Diary of Anne Frank might fill me with dread usually, but then the name pitched behind it is one that does the exact opposite of that and makes me believe that we're going to get something rather special.

David Mamet is set to adapt the diary, the stage play, and inject some of his own creativity into the story and direct the new film.

As you should all know, Anne Frank and her family hid in a secret attic apartment in an Amsterdam house for two years avoiding the Nazi genocide of the Jewish people. She died aged just fifteen in a concentration camp and the diary she left behind was discovered and became an iconic symbol of the Holocaust after the war. The house where she stayed is now a museum and provides for a shocking and emotional tour.

According to the report from Variety the adaptation will combine the diary itself (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), written by Anne Frank, the stage adaptation Albert Hackett and Frances Goodrich, and his own original take which will apparently become a girl's right of passage tale.

It took over a year to gain the rights from all those involved, and it seems everyone is more than happy with the selection of David Mamet to write and direct the story. I know I certainly am, I just hope that the story isn't toned down too much from the power of the real life tale.



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