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McGowan talks Red Sonja

RoseMcGowan.jpgRose McGowan has been doing more damage limitation rather than rumour killing in her latest tweets about what has been happening with Red Sonja, or rather what's not been happening.

You'll remember it starting hitting difficulty, the film was put on hold, she pulled out, all sorts of things, but she's not out of the project altogether.

The news is that she's just pulled out while the film is on hold. What? Come again? Do you pull out of a film when it's put on hold or do you just move onto other projects and await news of it restarting? According to Rose McGowan you pull out.

From her tweets through JoBlo she says:

”To clarify press reports: Red Sonja is delayed. I pulled out of doing it in '09. Not permanently. Hopefully will follow Conan...

...I am still contracted to do it, Red Sonja. Hopefully filming in '10 not '09.”

Well if you're still contracted to do it then you haven't pulled out of it have you? Okay, so the real story here is that she's not doing Red Sonja right now because the film isn't on hold, but she will when the film gets moving again because she's signed up to do the film, not that she's pulled out.



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