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Me and Orson Welles clip online

ZacEfron.jpgThe first trailer for Me and Orson Welles has arrived online, and I'm a little under whelmed by it to be honest, and I had high hopes for it too. Of course I am in a stinker of a mood today and ready to fly off the handle at the merest thing - I already almost deleted the entire site in anger - so perhaps I'm being overly critical.

Still there are five key things that come through in the trailer, and none of them are very exciting or very encouraging for the film.

The first is Zac Efron. This trailer screams that he's in the film, and if the trailer is to be believed he's all the way through it..

The second is that Zac Efron speaks. He has two lines in the trailer.

The third is there's an actor who has a good likeness for Orson Welles, if any of the Zac Efron crowd that are pulled to the trailer know who the bloke is.

The fourth is that the gorgeous Claire Danes is in the film too.

The fifth and final thing is that the film is set in the past, it's in the background, but you might get that.

See for yourself.

Did you get all that? More to the point what did you get of the plot? I seemed to get that a guy likes a girl, watches films, and is able to tell Orson Welles what to do, dances a little, looks cool to attract teen fans, and is trying to get a gorgeous girl. Is this High School Musical with Orson Welles? The trailer for Me and Orson Welles couldn't tell you much different to that could it?

Update: I've been contacted by the marketing company and told this is not the trailer, it's actually a clip from the 17 Again DVD. The trailer is yet to come, now that's a relief!



If that trailer is anything to go by then it looks like it has nothing to do with Welles at all. Efron is an appalling actor and ruins it for me personally. Shame really as I like Claire Danes. And like you said, good Orson Welles look-a-like.


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