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Meadows developing This is England TV show

ShaneMeadows.jpgShane Meadows, the writer and director behind Dead Man's Shoes, This is England and the director of Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee, has signed a rather unusual deal, and it's not for a film it's for a television series based on one of his films, This is England.

It seems that after he made the film he still had a load of ideas and material that was unused and really felt as though there was a place for it, and that places has turned out to be a four part television drama on Britain's Channel 4.

According to Shane Meadows himself:

"When I finished This Is England I had a wealth of material and unused ideas that I felt very keen to take further - audiences seemed to really respond to the characters we created and out of my long standing relationship with Film4 and Channel 4 the idea for a TV serial developed."

ScreenDaily has the news of the television version of This is England, but there are few details. The show will be called We Were Faces and looks at the characters some four years after the events of the film where Shaun is finishing his school exams and looking to move forward in life.

There are no details of the cast as yet, although the main characters from the film are all expected to return. It will be written by Shane Meadows and Jack Thorne, who previously has been writing Skins.

It sounds a great idea to tie the film into a television series, and even better that the director is writing it and taking it forward.



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