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More Dirty Dancing remake news

DirtyDancing.jpgMind you, when I say more, the first and last we heard of the intention to remake the classic Dirty Dancing was November, and get ready for this, November 2006. Now word has arrived that there's a writer on board and that the project is moving forward with Lionsgate remaking it.

A remake of Dirty Dancing though? In this day and age of pregnant and deflowered teenagers being the norm, of holiday camps being few and far between, and of far stricter rules and prosecutions on teachers who look at pupils too long, and the eagerness to sue anyone who suggests breaking the law, surely this film just couldn't work?

Let's not even touch on the idea of making the film without Patrick Swayze in the lead, and let's skip to the plot, and while you're reading this think of how it would work in a modern day story.

A teenager is forced to go on a family holiday to the outdated and aging holiday camp that they've always gone too, and there she takes up dance lessons with much older and hunky teacher. His dancing partner becomes pregnant and has an illegal abortion which the teenager takes money from her father to pay for.

The teacher and his teenage pupil become romantically involved and practice together to create the final dance of the season while at the same time having sex to music.

The dance routine has some complicated moves, and come the time of the show everything is revealed and the parents threaten to leave with the teacher being sacked. However he returns in time for the final number and they pull off every move to the delight of the crowd. End credits.

Okay, work that into modern day. Actually the idea of the holiday camp falling apart and the illegal abortion might work, but come the teacher and pupil relationship the police would be called in, the teacher arrested, charged, put on a sex offenders list for the rest of his natural life, and hounded forever.

She would be charged too, probably ending up with some sexually transmitted disease and getting pregnant too.

The dance routine would never happen. Baby would be left with her baby in a corner while the teacher would be in a corner of a cell being someone else's baby, and when he was released he'd be traumatised, conditioned for crime, and unable to get a job, place to stay, loan, car, anything. He'd probably either be killed by someone seeking to kill all those on a sex offender list, or kill himself.

Either way this isn't going to end well. What a great story, get writing it now.

Joking aside, back in 2006 when the story first came about Dirty Dancing hit the nail on the head regarding the film and the climate of Hollywood at the time, a climate that hasn't broken and instead has become thicker and thicker.

"I think that the original really stands up well and both leads were great!" he laughed. "We seem intent on re-making everything right now."

Well at least the original film would still be there wouldn't it? Remake it or not, Dirty Dancing won't be affected in popularity, I mean Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights didn't do it any harm.

Production Weekly twittered the news through Cinema Blend that Julia Dahl is set to write the script, she wrote…ermm…Uptown Girls with Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning. Oh dear.

Dirty Dancing fans being singing, "we had the time of our lives…"

I honestly can't see this working, can anyone think of a modern day plot that might work? Inner city street dancing perhaps?



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