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New Barbarella moves forward

Barbarella.jpgThe Robert Rodriguez remake was dead, and with it his hopes of casting Rose McGowan, then we heard it was brought back to life with Robert Luketic at the helm, and the quiet descended again.

Now there's news that they have a new scriptwriter, so it really is out with the old and in with the new as they appear to be starting things from scratch once again, and with a completely different feel to the original film.

We knew already that Robert Rodriguez's attempt at Barbarella was pretty much over, and then we heard that Robert Luketic, place The Ugly Truth, 21, Monster-in-Law and Legally Blonde all in your head when you're thinking about this, was on board to direct.

So it does look like this version of the film is moving forward at a fair pace now that there's a scriptwriter on board according to The Hollywood Reporter, and it's Joe Gazzam, who hasn't got a great deal to his name as yet but has written the 21 Jump Street script, which could be a good or bad thing.

The story of Barbarella is a strange one. She's a female mercenary who is sent on missions throughout the universe using her sexuality and innocence as weapons for her own ends. In the process we get to see plenty of her, and men in power just fall at her feet.

The original film is indeed a strange one, based on the French comic story from 1962, but the new one is going to be different in a number of ways, particularly the lack of campiness, in fact according to the story there's going to be no camp factor and the film will focus on the adventure.

Okay, so now it's sounding like a bit of Tomb Raider in space, except that she's a bit more free with her sexuality than Croft was.



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