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New Moon trailer online?

Newmoon.jpgI've been watching this The Twilight Saga: New Moon trailer pop up over the internet and then disappear quickly, but I've not been posting about it because I didn't think it was a trailer, it looks more like a very short featurette.

It even features Taylor Lautner popping in, a single head shot to camera, to talk about the film. Now that doesn't feel like a trailer, but it's online none the less.

I suspect that the trailer is going to be something different, after all I don't think I've ever seen a trailer for a film that isn't all footage from the film, or from the cutting room floor. Still, for the New Mooners, Twilighters, Twilfs, whatever you'd like to call the fans of the Twilight saga, there's a few short snippets of footage. However most of it is footage we've already seen in other clips released so far.

You can see this reported trailer over at the latest home for it, at JoBlo, I'm dubious though. Considering the amount of already seen footage and Taylor Lautner doing a featurette piece direct to camera. Still, it's exciting for New Moon fans I'm sure.

Also, the sister site of JoBlo, AITH, has a new clip that is really much more exciting. At the bottom of the three (the previously seen Comic-Con footage, the possibly not trailer, and this new clip) there's an extended clip from the film with Bella racing to stop vampire Ed from stepping out into the light.

Trailer? I'm not so sure, but the last clip does look rather exciting. You can see more trailers and footage here on Filmstalker.



Aren't people sick of hearing about Twilight yet?

yes. i saw it. i was bored. it's nothing like a trailer. it looks more like the behind the scenes things they show at the theater before the real movie previews start. i LOVE everything twilight, but this was a little strange.

It is odd isn't it? Maybe the real trailer is still to come?


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