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New Moon trailer online

Newmoon.jpgI was sceptical that this was actually the New Moon trailer that I posted about the other day because it looked more like a featurette and not a trailer, plus it hardly featured any new footage.

Well how surprised am I that it actually is the real trailer, and it does look like a featurette from the DVD, and that it hardly features any new footage.

I'm also not surprised at how incredibly cheesy it looks, how poor the CGI for the wolf looks, how terrible that wig is, and how blatant the bare chested, gym married boys are. There are no overweight werewolves don't you know, and they all shave their chest.

Oh I don't know, but I'm just not going to leap on the Twilight bandwagon. The trailer is rubbish. Layers of cheese, nothing that new, and...oh I really don't like it. You won't catch me watching that in the cinema.

Still, I know there are fans of Twilight out there so here's the The Twilight Saga: New Moon "trailer" for you to look at now that we have a better version.



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