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Outland to be remade

Outland.jpgOutland the latest film to get the remake treatment, itself a remake, albeit a very intelligent remake of High Noon. Peter Hyams took the western concept and transported it to an outpost in space, and did it superbly well, it's a cracking film.

Now the news is that they are planning on making Outland into another space outpost story, so it looks like a less intelligent remake than Outland was and a straight up modernisation, which means new actors, new CGI and same script with some more swearing and blood.

Of course I could be doing the writer Chad St. John and director Michael Davis a complete injustice and they might actually have something rather clever up their sleeves for the film. From the write up of the announcement though, that's not looking like the case.

According to Variety the story will be about a police marshal who is stationed on a remote mining colony on a moon of Jupiter, Io. There he uncovers a conspiracy which is threatening the entire outpost and sets of to single handedly uncover and smash it, something that a number of people there don't want him to do.

Sound just like Outland. Of course what the writers of the article could mean is that this is the original plot being rewritten for this film, but it's unclear.

Michael Davis, the writer and director of Shoot 'Em Up, is very positive about the story:

”We're staying true to the thematic heart of 'Outland' while expanding the space frontier concept.”

Okay, I'm really not sure what that means for the sequel, any ideas? It sounds like we're remaking the film and adding in more stuff about being in space since a lot of the original doesn't exploit the space or foreign planet element to a great deal, it concentrates on the characters, the plot and the mood, something all good stories should.

The original was a great film, and Peter Hyams, who has directed a lot of strong thrillers including Capricorn One and The Star Chamber as well as his fair share of action films like End of Days, wrote and directed Sean Connery to one of his stronger performances. It's well worth seeing the original before this one gets made.



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