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Owen in The Boys are Back trailer

TheBoysAreBack.jpgI have to admit I had no real idea about The Boys are Back, probably because the idea of Clive Owen in the story of a father reconnecting with his kids and trying to get on in life without their mother is perhaps a little twee for Hollywood. Now I've seen the trailer I do, and now I'm wondering if this could be good.

Not only good, but could it mark another strong acting role for Clive Owen who does seem to find the emotional range a little hard to come by in the roles he's given and plays. I think we might be a little surprised by The Boys are Back.

The story comes from the director Scott Hicks who gave us Shine, Snow Falling on Cedars and Hearts in Atlantis, and the television writer Allan Cubitt who adapted from Simon Carr's book (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

It tells the true story of the the man himself whose wife died from cancer leaving him to bring up his two sons alone. He struggled with a career, keeping house and looking after them, and eventually gave in allowing them to do what they wanted in the house, as long as they faced the repercussions. What came out of that is a supposedly compelling account that is honest to a fault when describing the successes and failures of their unusual home life.

Now that certainly does sound different from the average weep inducing Hollywood film you would expect to see, I think it's just a shame that the trailer plays on that perhaps a little too much, and even manages to show Clive Owen in floods of tears, bless.



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