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P gains US release

P.jpg It's been a long time since I saw Paul Spurrier's P (Filmstalker review) - oh please don't read that the wrong way - and it was a lot of fun to watch. I had hoped that by now we would have seen a bigger and wider release, but not so.

I think the film was further hurt by the closer of Tartan and the passing of its films library to another company. However the good news is that P is going to be the first US release from the new company Palisades Tartan.

The story from October of 2007 was expecting a December 25th release for Paul Spurrier's P (Filmstalker review) across "the country", although the source article didn't mention which country, it's safe to assume the author meant the US.

I'm not sure if that release ever made it to the shelves, but it had planned to provide a Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 audio tracks with a director's commentary and some possible other extras.

This new version, or indeed the first since I'm not sure what became of that last release, will be released on October the 20th and is reported to have the same audio tracks, the director's commentary and a behind the scenes video according to ShockTillYouDrop.

This is great news for the film and for Spurrier, and it might spur on the reports of a sequel from the man who directed, wrote, produced, edited and musically arranged the original. The word was from back in August of 2008 that a sequel was underway but no more was heard, I wonder if this DVD release might just kick things off a little?

P tells the story of a young girl who is taught some dark magic by her grandmother as she grows up. Her grandmother becomes ill and she heads off to Bangkok to earn money for her medicine, unfortunately the only decent paying job she can find is as a go-go dancer in a club.

As the other dancers become jealous of her success as a dancer her magic also gets stronger, darker and more uncontrollable, and finally a presence comes to her and takes control. Will there be any way to stop her?

It's a rather good film, and Spurrier managed to pull it all together with all Thai talent and all entirely in Thailand. One might think that would be a recipe for disaster, particularly in Thailand itself, and yet it respects the actors and the culture really well and delivers a strong film which you might have no idea was actually from a British talent.

I hope that this DVD release means that we get to see more of the man behind the camera.



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