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Red Dawn cast expands

RedDawn.jpgWhile there's no news yet if Kurt Russell really will appear in the Red Dawn remake, although I actually think they should be fighting for Patrick Swayze, there are some new casting announcements including the addition of a Cruise to the line-up.

Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck and Adrianne Palicki have already joined the film, we've heard that in various other announcements, but now the rest of the group have been lined up nicely.

Reports out today say that the Red Dawn cast are heading off for military training to ensure that they can play their roles as the freedom fighters, or insurgents whichever way you want to look at it, calling themselves the Wolverines, fighting off the invading joint Russian and Chinese forces in downtown middle America.

Josh Hutcherson has been signed up to play Robert, the role once played by C. Thomas Howell, Isabel Lucas is to play Erica, the cheerleader and girlfriend of the Wolverines leader who they are trying to break out of a prison camp, previously played by Lea Thompson, Connor Cruise will play Daryl, the son of the town's mayor and best friend to Robert once played by Darren Dalton, and Edwin Hodge will be playing Danny, the star wide receiver and general all round cool guy played previously by Brad Savage.

The news from The Hollywood Reporter isn't mind blowing, but it is interesting to learn that the cast is filling out and the film racing onwards and that Connor Cruise is heading for his second role, his first being in Seven Pounds (Filmstalker review).

I am still hugely unsure of the script and the film, mainly whether they should really be tackling this again and if the story really has a place in the modern world, but then as with all remakes, I'm interested to see how it turns out and if they could really make this work.



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