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Ritchie's comic book film revealed

Gamekeeper.jpgGuy Ritchie has been talking about his next project, and while most thought it might be Sgt. Rock, he's saying that it might not be and revealed that it could be a comic book adaptation.

That has put the cat among the pidgeons and sites are going crazy wondering what the adaptation could be and what comic book character it could be. Well I know, in fact we've all known since 2007, because he told us.

Back in 2007 he told us that he was releasing a comic book and that it would be made into a film property:

"...this is the first step in his plan to use comics to shape and launch his films...The irony is there has been more interest in this from movie studios than anything I ever did before"

What was that for? Guy Ritchie's The Gamekeeper, a comic book he worked on for Virgin Comics, which you might still be able to read online at the Virgin Comics official site, just select Digital Comics from the menu.

Gamekeeper tells the story of a Chechen hunter named Brock who comes across Russian agents torturing a foreigner. He steps in and saves the stranger, but this leads to the death of his own son and his own seclusion. He heads to Scotland and becomes a Gamekeeper on an estate, culling deer, warding off poachers and protecting his employer with a secret tied to those terrible events.

Guy Ritchie has talked about the project a number of times since, and it's been sitting on his upcoming slate.

Here's what I wrote back in October 2007:

"We already knew back in May that Guy Ritchie was set to film Gamekeeper, the Virgin comic that he's been working on, but that's a quick push through to get the film made before completing Dirty Dozen, and all pre-strike."

Pre-strike didn't exactly pan out and Sherlock Holmes came along instead, but if he's talking comic book adaptations then it's surely The Gamekeeper he's adapting. Would he consider adapting another comic book that's not the property he worked on and lent his name to? The property that he lined up to be a film?

We also heard rumour, although I put this firmly in the rumour camp, that some of the people behind the project were already thinking ideal casting. From March 2008:

Vinnie Jones to land the role of Brock, and from what I've read I think he would too. As for the villain, it appears that Parker would like Terence Stamp

Both would be interesting choices, but now I suspect he could command a greater cast list, especially considering his latest film Sherlock Holmes.

So the comic book film that he's hinting at is probably the one he worked on, lent his name to, and announced that he would be adapting into a film.



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