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Scorsese's Sinatra in battle?

FrankSinatra.jpgIt seems that the Martin Scorsese Frank Sinatra film that's in development is hitting some complications as film-maker and family do battle over which is the real Sinatra to show on film.

Scorsese and Tina Sinatra are apparently at odds about which version of her father should be shown on screen, and if the rumours are to be believed then there's some hard discussions to be held between the two.

A source, we'll come to that in a minute, has revealed that Tina Sinatra, who is a producer on the project, is at odds with the direction that the film is apparently taking.

While Martin Scorsese wants the Frank Sinatra biographical film to concentrate on the darker, warts and all, version of Sinatra, unsurprisingly Tina Sinatra, the great man's daughter, wants the film to concentrate on his more approachable family side, and of course, the music.

The article in Associated Press through The Guardian which quotes a source for The New York Post, pitches it as though there's a battle headed for the film.

"Marty wants it to be hard-hitting and showcase the violent, sexually charged, hard-drinking Frank, but Tina wants to show the softer side of her dad and let the focus be on the music…

… The 60s were a very swinging time for Frank - he was having sex with a garden variety of bimbos and cementing his Rat Pack status. It's a really key time to his mythology. And Tina really wants to make sure that a sanitised Frank comes through, and that it's not overly negative."

Wow, that's a hard hitting quote if ever I heard one, and it's no wonder the source wants to remain anonymous. What a thing to say about the women that Frank Sinatra was with during that time.

That aside, this is a "source" with a rumour through the New York Post, and I wouldn't be wanting to make a song and dance out about it - get it?

The article even puts things in perspective when it quotes Martin Scorsese's representative:

"Marty has been swamped working on Shutter Island and his HBO project, Boardwalk Empire, and he hasn't even begun to turn his attention to this. He and Tina are looking forward to working together in the future."

Did you get that? Scorsese isn't on the film yet, so perhaps he's made a few comments about Sinatra showing the real Sinatra, but the production hasn't managed to get that far it would seem.

All this might just be from the Phil Alden Robinson script for Sinatra, the man who wrote Field of Dreams, and Scorsese might not even be involved yet. He might sit down with Tina Sinatra, review the script and order a rewrite. Who knows?

There's something else that makes me think that this story is one of these things that will blow over pretty soon, and that's when it starts talking about casting possibilities:

Scorsese is said to favour Leonardo DiCaprio, Tina Sinatra's choice is reportedly George Clooney, and the studio's preference is allegedly Johnny Depp.

Leonardo DiCaprio could play a young Sinatra, George Clooney an old Sinatra, and Johnny Depp the middle aged one, but come on, just look at those names and think of Sinatra, none of them work and the closest is perhaps George Clooney, but singing?

Right now it seems like this is a typical insider rumour that may not be true, and yet I can't help but wonder that the Sinatra family would want the nicer side of Frank shown, and a real biographer would want to show everything, even the darker side of his character.

What would you rather see?



I think the darker side of Frank, rumors and all, has been explored extensively, it's time to show some of the nicer things Frank did for folks. The general public has not been exposed to all the decent things he did despite the more volatile nature of his character. The book "Sessions by Sinatra" by Granata, has so much good material in it that would make a great movie. Things like the fact that Frank would remember some obscure band member's name years down the road and then joke that it was great he remembered Frank after all these years. He also had quite a penchant for classical music and was well versed in even very little known foreign composers. He went out of his way to find qualified black musicians back when integration was only in it's infancy. Frank was also so focused on his work that he would sometimes churn out 4 albums a year. Another notable story, one time he invited all the musicians over to his house and waited on them hand and foot; until his Hollywood chums eventually went home because he was too busy tending to the band members. He once was also over at a bandmember's home and they were experiencing trouble getting their kids to fall asleep, so he sung them to sleep. When Frank founded Reprise Records, he let musicians focus on their own artistic leanings and not the bottom line of what would sell records. I could go on and on, sure Sinatra had his roughness but he could be a nice guy when he tried, again, it would be nice to see a few of the lesser known humanitarian things he did for people on the big screen.

Hey Rex. Totally understand what you're saying, and I am definitely one that believes in films showing facts when they are dealing with real life, but to just show the good is as bad as just showing the bad isn't it?

Wouldn't a fully balanced film make for a both dramatic story and a good representation of Sinatra?


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