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Scottish film White Rose Rebel

WhiteRoseRebel.jpgA film version of the well received novel White Rose Rebel from Janet Paisley is set to be made into a film, and for those of you who don't know the story I am not going to turn the the Americanism of “a female Braveheart” to describe it, instead I'll tell you what the book is about.

The story is set in Scotland during the times of the Jacobite uprising in 1745 and it tells the story of Colonel Anne Farquharson in a slightly fictionalised story of romance, history, and of war.

Here's the blurb from Amazon for the White Rose Rebel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) novel which gives a much clearer idea of what the book, and the film, is about:

This richly textured historical romance from Scottish poet and short story writer Paisley reimagines the story of Col. Anne Farquharson, a real-life leader in the Jacobite uprising of 1745. When Bonnie Prince Charlie returns to Scotland in an attempt to take the throne, the English naturally seek to suppress his supporters. Aeneas McIntosh, chief of Scots Clan Chatton, reluctantly takes a commission with the English army, believing it the best way to preserve his clan and their land. His younger and far more impetuous wife, Anne, responds by joining with a former lover, Alexander McGillivray, and raising an army in support of the prince's ultimately doomed claim. Aeneas and Anne continues to love and lust after one another, despite their political differences. A complex, passionate love triangle; a realistic look at the horrific consequences of war; and a balanced, satisfying resolution mark Paisley's notable first novel.

It sounds an interesting tale, and some of the comments about the book contain some high praise indeed, especially as they are from Scottish readers.

According to Variety the script is being written right now by Peter Berry from the screenplay by Kate Sinclair who is also set to direct the film.

Also noteworthy is that the funding for this Scottish story from a strong Scottish historical-based novel is coming from...of course it wouldn't be Scottish Screen! No it's the UK Film Council Development Fund.

On the one side I think that's great that the UK are funding the project, but come on, can you get more Scottish than this story, and at a time when Scotland is intent on promoting itself to Scottish and Scottish related people the world over, why haven't Scottish Screen decided to invest? I'm going to come back to the Scottish Screen debacle in another article.

For now, it's great news that another Scottish story from this period is getting made, quite frankly I don't understand why this time period in Scotland isn't being bled dry for films as it's got everything you'd want in drama. It's filled with Greek tragedy but with so much more style!

Seriously though, I could never get bored of seeing more dramatic films from this period of time, and this is the perfect time to be making them and distributing them. White Rose Rebel sounds like it's got great potential.



I agree. It's a fascinating time in history and filmmakers haven't explored it yet. I will make it a point to see this film. A great series of books by Diana Gabaldon about this time period sparked my interest, plus I am part of several different clans.

I've read this book and as I was reading I thought it should be made into a film. Really glad it is!

Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.


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