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Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty

SherlockHolmes.jpgThe rumour mill went crazy earlier this week when Brad Pitt was rumoured to be appearing as Moriarty in a last minute shoot addition to Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes. However the studio were quick to walk out and call that rubbish.

Now though Ritchie is enjoying playing the crowd a he reveals that there will be something of Moriarty in the film and that no actor playing him is going to be credited with the role.

So what's the story? The original rumour that raced round the Internet was that Brad Pitt was playing Moriarty because he was in London, after all there's nothing in London for him other than playing a role in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes.

So we don't really know, one thing is clear, Brad Pitt won't be playing Moriarty as a big role in the film, but there are various scenarios.

Brad Pitt was in London just to shoot a small role as Moriarty in the first film to set-up a sequel with the arch enemy of Holmes appearing. However that does instantly up the ante in terms of budget and scheduling for the film.

Brad Pitt isn't in the film as Warner Brothers stated quite clearly and perhaps Moriarty is in the film, just in some small side note as a teaser.

Well let me return to a story from September 2008 when Mark Strong told everyone that he was on board to play the villain of the film, Lord Blackwood, and that the bad guy of the piece was not Moriarty. However he did say that Professor Moriarty would be in the film but that he's not in it that much.

Now we hear Guy Ritchie speaking through MTV that Moriarty will be making an appearance in the film, confirming what Mark Strong said back in 2008. How do I know, well because Mark Strong said live on radio last year.

So it could be true, it could be Brad Pitt playing the role, but that's setting up the second film as a big budget spectacular. They'd have to pay for Pitt, Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr., and that's a big budget when studios are complaining about having to cut costs etc.

Saying that, Pitt or not, we know that Moriarty is appearing in the film, and have done since 2008. Perhaps Ritchie is applying the Superhero film formula set-up to this, introduce the superhero, let him create his own arch-enemy, and then bring him into the stories after that.

Makes sense, especially with what Ritchie is saying.

”...there is some kind of appearance...All will be revealed. I’m afraid I have to be slightly ambiguous about this but you’ll understand what I’m talking about when you see the movie.”

Well if it is that Holmes is going to pitch Moriarty into his own arch-enemy, like Batman did with the Joker, and so on, then it probably is crucial to the film how and when he appears, and it probably is a small but crucial part for the character and the next film.



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