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Sherlock Holmes marketing puzzle

SherlockHolmes.jpgI was sent the following item in a plain envelope, no indication of who it was from or why and no note came with it. The item, or rather items, were two pieces of card with slit cut through them.

Words were written across this slit, but none of them made sense, cut as they were in the same direction as the cut through the card. Upon the card were also some numbers. I was confused, so I used my skills of deduction, as Holmes himself does, and very soon had solved it.

Can you?

It turns out that this is a piece of marketing for Sherlock Holmes, and a very effective one at that. See how far you get with it.

In the two images below are two cards, on the left hand side is the front and back of one card, and on the right hand side the front and back of the other card.

Print them off, cut them out, stick them together and solve the puzzle. See if you can.

Sherlock Holmes Marketing 1

Sherlock Holmes Marketing 2



Well The words were immediately obvious and didnt take more than a few seconds to figure out the numbers but after that I wouldnt have a clue what the next answer was.

Ok well I cheated for the last part and knowing the answer it would have been easy enough to figure out if I had put the time in.

Got the words but clueless as to what the numbers represent.

Numbers are [Removed to allow others some fun! - Richard]

Check the IMDB listing for the film to [Removed to allow others some fun! - Richard]. This should help with the next bit.

Hey Ed, thanks for figuring it out, but if you don't mind I'm going to hide what you've written for others to guess.

If you figure out the words, look carefully at the numbers. Compare them all. There's something special about them.

Take it from there.

The numbers are obviously an IP address seen as each number has a dot after it, except 221, which would mean its the last number. I checked it and its the IP address for the Official Website for Sherlock Holmes


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