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She's Having a Baby trailer online

ShesHavingaBaby.jpgJust to remind you what one of the most over looked John Hughes, and one that I loved and still do, She's Having a Baby.

Now one thing you have to overlook is the fact that it has probably his worst choice of music over the top ever. That's something that isn't followed through in the whole film which features a song by Kate Bush called This Woman's Work, a truly wonderful song.

The film also stars Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth McGovern in two great roles, and if you want to see the moment that the Kate Bush song comes on I've included a clip to the montage while it plays in the film, however I have to tell you that it's a huge spoiler and you'd probably be best not watching it if you haven't already seen the film.

For me though, I have seen it and I remember it clearly, and with the context before it, it packs a much more powerful punch. Some of the memories of the film came flooding back as I watched it, and the tears started too. Power to both the film and the music.

The montage is beautifully put together and shows what a great film-maker he is. It also shows how damned serious She's Having a Baby gets, and compared to the trailer you can see just how dramatic it gets.

Again though, the warning, it's a mammoth spoiler, mammoth.

First though, here's the spoiler free trailer.

Now, and this is the final warning, this is the HUGE spoiler filled clip for the Kate Bush song, it's the big spoiler for the film. Right, you've had enough warnings.

Beautiful. John Hughes.



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