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Should the last Kubrick film be made?

StanleyKubrick.jpgStanley Kubrick's last film was never made. He wrote the script and began filming, but he and the studio held back on the film and it never got made. Now his brother-in-law is calling for the studio to take up the film again and get it made.

The reason the film, Aryan Papers, was never made in the first place was that it was a story about a Jewish Polish woman ad her nephew fleeing persecution by the Nazi's by pretending to be Catholics, and it was due to be released at the same time as Schindler's List, and both he and the studio thought that it would be too much for audiences at the time.

Now Stanley Kubrick's brother-in-law Jan Harlan, who produced a few of his big films, is calling for Warner Brothers to pick up Kubrick's script and start the film again.

"I regret it never got made but it was a decision made by Kubrick and Warner Bros, probably very wisely at the time"

Are Harlan's words through The Times and Empire. The film rights still belong to Warner and it's based on the novel Wartime Lies by Louis Begley (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), and Harlan believes that a top director such as Ang Lee should be the one to take up the mantle and make the film.

Harlan is opening an exhibition at the Edinburgh Festival called Unfolding the Aryan Papers about the unmade film and the story.

I don't know, should someone else make Stanley Kubrick's last, unmade film, or should it be left as it was, Kubrick's script never to be made by another hand? I'm not sure that any other director would do anything but a disservice to his script since he cannot himself make it. Do we have to look any further than AI: Artificial Intelligence to see that? Although it wasn't a terrible film, it wasn't a masterpiece or memorial to Kubrick.



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